Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don't tell...

I spent the day mainly sitting on the sofa, reading, watching telly, knitting, with a bit of surfing and also a bit of sewing thrown in. I even did some ironing. However I didn't tell work I was sick - I just checked my email and replied and said I was working from home. I still feel a bit crampy (not as bad as it was, but uncomfortable, and much better when I'm lying down) and stressed and really couldn't face people after the last two, very intense, days.

I'm fairly relaxed about tomorrow's appointment - I actually worked out even if I started bleeding now I couldn't bleed everything away by then (morbid? me?), and given how knackered I'm feeling (and, er, the fact that I did another test this afternoon and it was strongly positive) I doubt that's going to happen anyway. But I'm beginning to really hope they do a scan, even though last time they told me they don't scan at 5 weeks but do repeat blood tests (which would presumably mean going again on Monday... blurgh).

I was putting out some clothes for charity today that had been sitting waiting to be got rid of for several months. In among them were two vests with "secret support" from pregnancy no 1, over 2 years ago. I decided to keep them - I wore them in bed from about week 6 onwards, I seem to remember. Well, I need them now, so even if I just wear them till next week it might make me more comfortable. I don't think I have any lack of progesterone, somehow.

Edited: because I forgot to say that S, the work colleague who is adopting from overseas, was sitting next to me when I dashed out for the clinic phone call, and wanted to know who it was, and I couldn't resist telling her. She clearly hadn't been paying attention (and can you blame her) when I told her all my previous sagas because on hearing I had my first clinic appointment asked if I was 12 weeks. But now I'm wondering whether I should say "I promise not to talk about the pregnancy" to her. She's never managed to get pregnant, and was about to start IVF when they scanned her and found just one antral follicle. I know she finds this painful, but I'm not sure how she feels about another struggling person's pregnancy (as opposed to the irritating other staff we work with, who just have to drop their knickers, apparently).

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