Monday, September 25, 2006

I'll let her off

The nurse rang me this morning at 8.30 - she said she'd been covering for other people most of last week - which I suppose rings true as the consultant's secretary wouldn't necessarily know that.

Anyway all the clotting tests are fine but my prolactin was elevated. Apparently this can be due to stress but she'd like to repeat it. She says it isn't related to the miscarriages but they'd like to repeat it. I don't think they would have taken this one before - a quick Google reveals that elevated prolactin can prevent ovulation, but since we know I'm ovulating nicely (had a decent progesterone level in that round of tests on day 24 or so I think, too), that's not the issue. The RCOG guidelines say that evidence linking hyperprolactinaemia with miscarriage is "equivocal". But if it's elevated again I'll ask if it can be treated, I think.

However they don't think there's a clear reason for the miscarriages so they are going to send me a letter about the NK cell trial - but given how slow the wheels of NHS bureaucracy grind, that is unlikely to be this month - apparently the research registrar is only just back from holiday today anyway.

So, I thought that we'd be taking the month off this month but it seems not... which brings up a whole load of adoption-related stuff.. perhaps for another post.

But I'll leave you with what the nurse at the GPs said to me while I was having my smear (why can't they hold the smear stick in one hand while they do the speculum with the other? why do they have to walk off and leave you in pain?). "So, do you have any children already? (no) Oh, did you just start trying quite late (yes, we only got married two years ago- was she going to tell me off for putting it off?)?"

OK, given that she only has my last 4 years' notes, or less, and I only told her the most recent referral to the gynae was for infertility (that part WAS her business), how does she know I didn't have ovarian cancer in my twenties, say??

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