Saturday, March 25, 2006

A little local boycott

Mr Spouse and I are boycotting Mothering Sunday, which is tomorrow. We don't mind doing something for our mothers (I hope he's remembered to send a card to his, because I forgot to send mine one before she went to see my brother who doesn't live in this country, and will have to telephone...)

But we are not going to church; it is always sickly - most churches seem to come up with something designed to make anyone with mother issues feel awful. Usually the children give their own mothers first, and then all adult females, a flower - which was nice when I was 18 and first acknowledged to be an adult, but now just makes me remember that I'm not a mother. Then, usually someone preaches about our parents and how nice they were to us. This is not so bad for me but people who have really poor relationships with their mothers, or who have lost their mothers, must also feel awful.

It's hard to escape in the secular world too - we've also been prevented from going to lunch with a friend who lives far enough away that we need to book lunch in a pub halfway, but all the pubs were full two weeks ago. She has a daughter but was blissfully unaware what day it was (good for her, I say). I'm quite glad about that, too, as it wouldn't be much fun sitting there watching loads of children doting on their mothers.

In other news - they weren't joking when they said the first period after the lap could be heavier

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