Friday, March 17, 2006

Bits and bo(o)bs

Can't really think of enough to say on any one day to make a whole post... I have tried saving them up but of course now I have forgotten some of them.

I have found it a little hard being back at work because I am still quite tired, but this is normal with me, so I have just been leaving work early to go and sit on the sofa with a cup of tea, and trying to scoot out while no-one is looking (having an appointment with the back of your eyelids is not normally seen as a very good excuse for leaving a staff meeting).

I've also had very, very sore breasts, starting from approximately ovulation day, and this is both much earlier than I've had this generally in the past, and the second time it's happened in a row. The only things I can think of are that a) we have known these last two months were going to be a washout, timing wise, so that b) I've been drinking a little more alcohol and a lot more coffee and c) I haven't been taking my folic acid.

I started taking it again a few days ago, and I've decided from today to limit myself to 1 cup of coffee a day. No idea if it will work... but it might be better for me...

This makes me think, at what point would I give up on the healthy living and accept that I am not going to get pregnant? How many years can I take folic acid for? I have been quite good losing weight so I think healthy eating, not too much drinking, and reasonable amounts of exercise are here to stay in the medium term, anyway, but that white pill every monrning is just a reminder of what is not happening. And there is no decent decaf coffee available anywhere at work, unless I make it myself.


thalia said...

That's the question. I gave up coffee completely for about 18 months but just recently have been unable to deny myself any longer. Who knows whether it makes a difference, denying myself just was getting old.

warriorwen said...

I've known so many people who have asked the same question: Is this the kind of challenge God is giving me to overcome with hope, or the kind of challenge in which I'm supposed to accept?

There are no easy answers on that. I'm sorry it's so painful.

Pamplemousse said...

I hope you are recovering well from your lap. The results seemed good. I drink tea every day and occasionally indulge in a latte. Nothing major, my problem is sugar.

IMO,the folic acid is good for a lot of other things so you should keep on taking it.