Tuesday, March 07, 2006


This is what they always tell you you'll feel after an illness or procedure when what they actually mean is PAIN. However after my lap and dye they told me "you might feel some discomfort and/or pain" and they were right - my scar is painful, my shoulders are painful, but my abdomen has basically just been bloated.

It all went fine, although I was the last of the four women in my ward to go home, by hours, but I felt unbelievably groggy - I have only started to feel a little awake this afternoon. I saw the gynae both before and after the surgery, and remembered to ask some other questions beforehand (the clotting results she was waiting to speak to the haematologist about were fine). She found my tubes were open and fine, and there was one tiny spot of endo behind my uterus, but that is not somewhere it could be affecting my fertility, apparently. I'm hoping it is, however, somewhere that could have been causing a little pain, as that was definitely an issue. I do know that the amount of pain doesn't necessarily correspond to the extent of the endo. But neither my tubes nor my ovaries were involved which is GOOD.

Now for the rest of the week watching cheesy TV and reading women's magazines. No answers, but nothing that is hard to fix, or necessarily means I could never conceive naturally, either.


DD said...

You just take care of yourself this week. Hopefully they gave you some good Rx to help it pass quickly. I'm glad there was nothing major, but I'm sure you are bummed that there were no definite answers.

thalia said...

I'm very glad that everything looks good, and that you're happily recovering. I am going to tell you something straight, though. Of course it is marvellous that your endo is very mild and is not MECHANICALLY affecting fertility. However, research results say that even women with mild endo conceive at a lower frequency than women without. The evidence is by no means clear cut, but I think it's important that you bear it in mind. IVF really helps with that success rate, so your chances of being able to conceive in some way, as you say, are really pretty good. I can direct you to some articles if you want to research this yourself.

Thinking of you.

perceval said...

I hope you enjoyed your week off despite the discomfort. How do you feel about the diagnosis?