Thursday, October 20, 2005

Things that make me go "bawl bawl bawl"

Finding out that my sister-in-law is pregnant again and that their second baby is due in April. She got pregnant with the first one just after the time Mr Spouse and I met, and the second baby is also a girl. My brother told my mum he was disappointed. Disappointed! Living in the land of the clueless, more like.

This is the brother who, about a month after the miscarriage, had stopped asking how we were doing, and when I wrote in an email that we were still struggling, ignored it. This is also the brother who is incredibly cavalier with his daughter's safety, we feel (uses a carseat he picked up off the side of the road, put her in a carrycot in the car when she was a baby, thought a framed backpack would make a good carseat - you are getting the picture). I really, really want to say to him "if you'd lost a baby you'd be a bit more careful with the one you've got" but at least I am too polite to say that.

I am not too polite, however, to feel obliged to pretend to be happy for them. I don't want to be happy for them. I want them being happy for us.

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