Thursday, October 06, 2005

Not quite what I was expecting...

I was a little nervous about talking to Mr Spouse about my thoughts on asking the GP if it might be time to see if anything is wrong... I thought he would probably say "it's not been that long, let's wait" or "well, you know you're more worried than I am..". In fact, it went more like this:

Dr Spouse: I'm getting a bit worried that I'm not pregnant yet, it's been nearly six months.
Mr Spouse: Oh.
Dr Spouse: I'm not sure if I should ask the GP, he'll probably say it hasn't been very long.
Mr Spouse: Well, if you don't ask, you won't find out, will you?
Dr Spouse: Er, no, that's true.

Expecting a struggle, I didn't really know what to say...

Next day:
Dr Spouse: What would you think, if we asked about tests and there was an option to go private?
Mr Spouse (staunch, at least partly old-style, Labour supporter, diabetic with an excellent specialist, NHS champion): Well, let's see what's involved.
Dr Spouse: Hand me that feather, I think I need knocking over with it.

So now he's rolled over and asked for his tummy to be tickled at all my possible objections, what am I to do?!

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