Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I managed that...

Visiting a friend's new baby, that is. I made sure we didn't stay long, and we talked a lot about other stuff - my friend is very sensitive, knows our situation, and I think she made sure her husband knew too. We talked about general stuff, our reasons for being in town for the weekend, our recent holiday. I think, but don't know precisely, that they may have had difficulties getting pregnant. I do know she's been on long-term medication that you can't take while pregnant, so it may just have been that she needed to make sure she was completely stable before getting pregnant.

Whatever, when she heard about the miscarriage she was about 6 weeks pregnant, and a month later when I talked about meeting up she was sure to let me know she was pregnant and ask if it was OK for me. In the end I didn't feel up to it* but I was grateful.

And I bought wool from Loop. Mmmmmm.......

*And as it was part of a trip to a conference which I also had to cancel, I was not too chuffed when one of the organisers got huffy when I told him I was (I think) "short of time and also ill" so wasn't going to be prepared for, or up to attending, the conference, and said he was going to "report me to the organising committee".

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