Saturday, June 01, 2013

More questions!

I do apologise for thinking nobody cares! (for some reason my email was on strike yesterday too)

So... questions...

Handstitched Mum asks... how does it feel a year in, being a mum?
I guess it still feels miraculous (how did we get so lucky to have such a funny, lovely baby, who is really still an easy baby and a good ad for babies all round, but also how did we get to be parents at all).  It also feels worrying, childcare is one of our ongoing issues, but how do we make it work overall, it was hard enough working out my job and Mr Spouse's job but with a baby in the mix too (and soon there will be school issues).
It also feels completely natural and I cannot remember a time, so to speak, when he wasn't here. I think of things we did and wonder who was babysitting... well erm... we didn't have a baby!
And it feels, as far as I can tell, no different to having a birth child. But also very different. But the main differences are the worry about what went on before birth (some of which we know, and we worry about how that will affect him long term), and some (but only really mild) frustration about not knowing about his genetic history. Really, I'm not that concerned if I don't know what age all his biological relatives walked/talked at, or if they had long legs/arms/bodies, or tangly hair like him (NO I am NOT getting it cut thank you!) but it's a topic of conversation among mummy friends.

Leah (do you have a blog? the link takes me to a page without any blog name...sad face...) asks if we are thinking of adopting again. Yes, we are... and there's a post here about a discussion we had on that. It should take less time this go round, and we have in our diaries (OK, I have in mine) an appointment to ring up the county council and ask about it, in a couple of months' time, after our summer holiday.  

I've been messaging another adopter going through the process we want to go through, and we met a family locally who also adopted through our council (probably using our second choice route), and it seems awfully quick compared to what we went through. This is partly because it will be second time round, but also because the whole country has got its act together a bit more with respect to not unnecessarily delaying adoption, or adoption approval (I don't know where you are, Leah, sorry).

And Vicky, thank you!

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