Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm on holiday!

So far today I have:
  1. Dropped Baby Spouse at nursery (he has a regular space on a Thursday, even though I'm off work we don't get the money back if he doesn't go, so he went this morning so that I could..)
  2. Gone to Pilates because I haven't been able to go for ages
  3. Met a friend in town for coffee
  4. Bought some not very short shorts (as it's not likely to get very hot, and I'm short so they never are very short on me)
  5. Complained that the baby carrier I rented for a two week trial hasn't come yet
  6. Picked Baby Spouse up again, miraculously getting a proper (not just pick-up half-hour) parking space right by nursery
  7. Gone to meet a friend for lunch
  8. Stopped a very tired Baby Spouse from screaming all through lunch
  9. Taken him home
  10. Put him down for a nap
  11. Played with my new iPad (well, for some values of "new" and "my" - it's work's and it was someone else's first).
  12. Written a blog post about using dummies.
  13. Re-installed Tweetdeck, since MetroTwit seems to have stopped working.
  14. Just remembered I put a wash in this morning that I haven't hung up.
  15. Been unable to work out how to stop the numbers in this list from being in a different font to the text.
  16. Realised on preview that they ARE the same font
  17. Realised I have no idea what's for Baby Spouse's tea. Nap ending I estimate in 10... 9... 8... 7...

1 comment:

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

Sounds very productive but not exaacctly what we traditionally mean by "holiday". But as long as you are having fun!