Friday, May 31, 2013


So, the only question I got in my request for suggestions (*sob*, nobody's missed me) was the very sensible "how the heck are you all" from Twangy.

We are well. We are doing very well in fact. Baby Spouse has not been back in hospital or even to the GP, though I went to say "get these bloomin' migraines sorted out STAT" and the GP suggested a stronger version of the drug that mostly works, and some stronger painkiller too ("nah, let's not bother with the lower dose, why would we" "well, I think you've got enough data points to suggest that chocolate isn't a trigger" - I do sometimes quite like my GP).  

Fingers crossed, anyway, Baby Spouse has not had a serious cold, hasn't needed his inhaler (though did I mention that when he last encountered his spacer - about a week after previously using it - he picked it up and put it over his mouth? Not sure if that's sweet, or if we're cruel, nasty parents and he's become so used to being tortured with his spacer that he got used to being tortured). And that's nearly 2 months now.  He does have a few spots on his bum. Can you have chicken pox just on your bum??

We think we've kind of sorted out childcare. We've signed up to three days a week for the next year at nursery, and we've found a childminder who will do one day regularly and we hope (though we haven't completely confirmed this) occasional extra days as we need them. However a local, well, situation means that we may ask another family if instead (just to keep things complicated!) they want to share a nanny.  I'm probably going to discuss this with Mr Spouse tonight and see if he thinks it would work for us.  

And I am still wondering about another childminder I know of, who wasn't sure if she had spaces - the advantage being that I already know her, and I have a minor cultural adoption-related niggle with the childminder that does have spaces (basically adoption is not that common in her home culture, and I heard of her through another mum I know from the same culture, whose same-culture friends have asked even odder than usual questions about adoption. But I think people who don't know much about adoption tend to ask odd questions, and I can always get it all out of the way at the start of working with her).

Nothing else to report apart from the fact that a large number of the mums of babies the same age I know are expecting another one in the same week later in the year, and the talk is getting a bit yawnworthy. I'd love to gross them out with tales of miscarriage/infertility/investigations/adoption/fostering approval/training/children's backgrounds, except really, I wouldn't love to do that at all. It's just that sometimes I feel like shocking them all when they think they have it bad.


Laura S said...

I've not followed you for long, but glad all is good in the spousehold! It seems it doesn't take long before the conversation turns to childbirth, people love to go on about it! Maybe we should all start to go on about how hard/amazing/heartbreaking/wonderful our journey's have been. Way more interesting than hearing about indigestion and ripped lady-areas!

thefamilyof5 said...

Chicken pox on his bum lol that'll be a teething nappy rash probably :)

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

Oh, so good to hear. :) More of this sort of thing, Spousehold.

Vicki TBB said...

Sounds like things are going well? Except for the spotty bum...but that'll go away...

Thanks for sharing your update with The Weekly Adoption Shout Out x