Monday, February 18, 2013


It's my birthday tomorrow and I feel about 10 years older than I did this time last year. Now I'm sure some of this is down to being the mother of a one year old and some of it to a gruelling day of teaching, including some material on nasty things that can happen to babies.
But in a way I think I felt younger last year than I had done for a while. We'd made it to a baby - a very lovely baby - and I was (just) under 45.
Now in a way I'm back to that ticking clock that many hear who struggle to have a family - will I be too old to get pregnant? Is it because of my age that I keep miscarrying? Will we be too old to adopt?
Oh, and I have also had a chest infection, and so has Mr Spouse, so we could probably both do with some sleep. I remember sleep...

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nh said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow - which is also my birthday!

I hope that you get to celebrate it as a family and that you get spoilt.