Saturday, January 05, 2013

One year on

This time last year, we arrived at the airport in Baby Spouse's birth city the most tired possible after frantic packing and a really really long flight (there's a really long layover to almost anywhere here for some reason - we think if we decide to visit other family on a future trip we'll go to them first of all).

Two days after his first birthday, he's crawling faster every day - he follows you around which not just cute but actually quite nice - he was crawling around on the plane and in the passport office - and tonight he crawled into the bathroom for his bath.
He has an excellent trick where he holds up his hands to his forehead as if the world is all too much for him - if you start he does it back to you. I think it's "I am a drama queen" but Mr Spouse thinks it might be "Greetings, Earthling!".
He claps and waves (but on his own timetable, and he hasn't worked out that people not looking at you can't see you waving). He looks at me and says "Mama" but Mr S says it's just random - though tonight he said Da to Mr Spouse so perhaps he'll change his tune.  He also and says something that's either Yeh or Hiya, as well as all his other random noises - he seems to have a new one every day. He's also discovered other fun things to do with his mouth, like blow raspberries while you have a mouthful of milk or yoghurt.

Everyone asks us if he's pulling himself up (it's the new "is he crawling yet") but while he can reach stuff on the coffee table he isn't actually pulling himself up on it. He will also give you things and doesn't yet grab them back. Of course he's chewing everything (two top teeth, not quite in time for Christmas, and four on the bottom, and we bought him this book for his birthday. As Mr Spouse says, it looks like the person who wrote it actually has children.

We are very lucky - and although someone called me "Granny" yesterday, I'm trying not to care.


Anonymous said...

GRANNY?!? WTalmightyF?

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

Also incredulous at the granny. I mean, really, people. I have been taken for a man, if it makes you feel any better. And my lovely YOUNG American friend was asked "Is he a good boy for you?" in reference to her PRETTY girlfriend.


DrSpouse said...

That is funny actually Twangy!