Saturday, January 05, 2013


We are visiting Baby Spouse's home state for a couple of weeks in order to 
a) get him a new passport (not essential to do this here, but much quicker and easier - we were in and out in an hour and picked it up in 10 minutes the next day, and the agents sang him Happy Birthday!)
b) have a family holiday, so far so good on that one! And he's getting over his jetlag better than we are, too.
c) visit our friends, his foster carer etc. in Nice Little Agency-ville
and probably most importantly
d) visit birth family.

It's the latter that has thrown a spanner in the works. We got an email today from birth grandpa to say that Nella is in jail - we think at least for only a short period, and it's possible she'll be out by the time we are due to meet, but I doubt it.

So... at least this has happened now while he is too young to know he is supposed to meet her. And we can make sure he knows about this when he is older - it's a whole different scale to "didn't keep appointments with us" which has been the level of unreliability to date.

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Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

Oh dear - that isn't good. It's lucky indeed that he is too young to understand.

Good you are enjoying your trip though.