Monday, January 07, 2013

And why not

Well, 2012 was quite a year, so why not jump on the bandwagon and publish a Best Of monthly list of posts?

In January, of course, we got the call that Baby Spouse had been born early.

In February we got his visa, and finally I got to go home with him. I can't remember if I said later but the friend with the very premature baby went on to be my best mummy pal but has now moved to the other side of the world. Boo!

In March we had a very minimalist Mothering Sunday. In April, very sadly, my mother in law became very ill and later that month she died.

In May, I found myself telling a little girl I know to ask her parents about the facts of life. Incidentally, my niece of about the same age recently told us both "oh, of course, he can't drink milk from you because you weren't pregnant" (I did point out to her that she didn't drink milk from her mother at that age either) and also "OH LOOK Baby Spouse is doing something in his nappy". Erm yes we know.

I didn't blog much in June but I did write about contact/visits/whatever you call them.

In July (as pretty much ever month) Baby Spouse decided to temporarily allay my fears about him being slightly delayed (he'll need to do it again some time I suspect).

In August he met a lot of new people at a very muddy festival.

In September some surprising people said some awkward things. Incidentally I related the beautician incident to another mummy friend who was also pretty ghasted.

In October I hadn't gone back to work yet but I moaned about it, and Baby Spouse visited and started nursery.

In November I rather feebly took part in IComLeaveWe, but also we had an emergency visit to the paediatrics ward.

And finally if you've read this far, in December I was still agonising over who to tell and who not to tell, and how, about Baby Spouse's history.


missohkay said...

It was fun to go back and revisit the ones I'd read and read the ones I missed the first time around. Thanks for jumping on the bandwagon!

Thalia said...

It's been a huge amount of change for your family and lovely to read about all baby spouse is up to now. I do hope you get to see nella, fingers crossed she is doing ok.