Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pieces of paper part 3

OK, so we did produce:
A family tree each (so I'm counting that as one, but mine covered 3 sheets)
13. Chronology each
14. Childhood story each
15. Financial statement (reassuringly healthy)

and I despaired so much I didn't keep count. Then we got (did I say this already?) a letter saying we'd paid one of the countries I used to live in, in the wrong form, so we should send cash please (very polite they were, and it was only $25 so I am not that bothered if it goes astray). So I guess the next one is
16. New letter to country I used to live in
and then
17. Details of support network (I think this is mainly people we know, though I'm checking whether it's also institutional and organisational support).

To be honest none of these individually is that difficult to do (the support network took me about an hour, if that, tonight) but it all adds up.

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Anonymous said...

I keep being wildly astonished at all the paperwork you have to do. I admire you for not ripping it all to shreds with your teeth adn running screaming into the night.