Monday, April 26, 2010

A meme...

My brain was invaded by the not-sleeping monsters last night, and then again this morning (it's good practice for having a kid, right?) so I'm avoiding work. And the lovely May nominated me for this:

The rules: List 10 things that make your day & then give this award to 10 bloggers.

This may be slightly sleep-deprivation influenced, I warn you

  1. Coffee. Serious barrier to thinking about trying to get pregnant again
  2. When my statistics come out right. Especially when they come out righter than they did before I spotted a rogue data point which I have a really good, justifiable reason for excluding
  3. Mr Spouse leaning over and rubbing my back/holding my hand in bed when he knows I need it but wants to sleep himself
  4. 12 small girls (and counting - we had a population increase this week) dressed in yellow and brown
  5. Cake. Especially cupcakes.
  6. Knitting. Virtual knitting is pretty good for helping you sleep, too
  7. Sewing. I have a wifi music player in my sewing attic and can sit for hours pottering away and creating things (some of which I will even wear) listening to audio books.
  8. Trashy TV. The things I like to watch that Mr Spouse doesn't like are currently, Gray's Anatomy, Glee, and The Mentalist.
  9. Facebook. But I don't play games.
  10. The fact that it's just a week till our adoption approval panel.

Some people who also regularly make my day:

  1. Ms Prufrock (and you're right, it is about damn time for some music)
  2. Henry Street
  3. A+A
  4. Little Dragon Fruit
  5. reservado para futura mama (who hasn't posted in a while, and I'm not sure she reads here, but I like her blog)
  6. Goose
  7. Me, Him & Junior
  8. Lindyloodles
  9. Pamplemousse (because we all want to know how she is doing)
  10. Sell Crazy Someplace Else (again quiet for a bit, are you sensing a theme here!)

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Rachel said...

I saw that you tagged me yesterday, but I'm usually afraid of memes so I chose to ignore it. :) I'm going to make my list, though. I don't think I'll tag anyone, though.