Monday, April 12, 2010

Moving along...

One of our referees has done her interview with the social worker - they got on like a house on fire apparently - our friend liked her and she was very complimentary about us. She feels that all the changes Mr Spouse has had in the last few years will mean he takes being a new parent in his stride. I'm not sure about the second "friend" referee but I know the "family" interview is also now timetabled.

My moves towards world media domination are slightly further forward - I've been shortlisted for a summer placement for a few weeks with a paper or radio/TV company - a science media reporting scheme. My boss says (and he may be right) that being in a slightly more media-friendly field (most people know what a child is, not as many can tell atmospheric chemistry from a hole in the ground) may give me the edge over some scientists. Unfortunately it may mean I have to report on atmospheric chemistry or, indeed, holes in the ground.


MaryAndMungo said...

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Thanks, Mary.

Secret D said...

Thanks for the update. It is great that things are moving on.