Monday, December 08, 2008

What, exactly, constitutes giving a present?

If I suggest a Christmas present for Mr. Spouse to my mother and she says "oh, can't you just get it and I'll pay you back?", does that constitute her giving him a present?

Somehow, I don't think so. Since I probably have more money than her, but less time, if I'm going to think of it, and organise ordering it I may as well just pay. I already have several things for him, and we are trying not to go all out this year (one big present each plus a few little things).

Incidentally we went to a craft fair on Saturday and I was buying something for a friend when I turned round and spotted him putting a bag in his pocket surreptitiously. It was very sweet. He was a bit annoyed, though, as I know which stall it was from so have an idea of what it was. But I don't mind. I didn't see it, and I get to be reminded of how sweet he is twice.


Eva said...

Sure it counts! My husband sends me the link to what he wants, I buy it with the credit card he pays for, and done!

DrSpouse said...

But it's not me buying myself a present with someone else's money that I suggested - it's me suggesting a present for my mum to buy Mr Spouse and her telling me to buy it!