Monday, December 15, 2008

Repeat after me

Your Persona is not a fertility meter.

Some months my Persona gives me a nice cutesy egg symbol, and then about 3 more days of "if you want to be really careful, avoid sex today". I check the sticks as they are straightforward LH (and comparison with oestrogen I think) sticks and they show a darker LH line. Other months, I get two lines of equal darkitude but it doesn't give me the dinky symbol, and usually has days and days of "get off him, you slag".

When I was told by the RE last month to use my progesterone suppositories from day 17 I asked whether I should use OPKs and she said it wasn't really worth it - if I get the peak on day 15 almost every month in living history, I should be fine, and they work out pricey (she's obviously not looked on Ebay). And I got a pretty-dark line on day 15 and a lighter one on day 16.

But now I am panicking that either I wasn't about to ovulate this month (which would be the first time EVER) or that it was set to be a bit late and the progesterone is stopping it. Also, I got loads of cramps when I started them last month on day 23, I think, but nothing so far this month, and my F-cups aren't sore either. I know I never get pre-menstrual cramps before at least day 21, and some months the soreness is later too, but I am overthinking it as usual. And after I pounced on Mr Spouse all those times, too.

Please talk me down.

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Anonymous said...

Holding your hand. You got a dark line on day 15 and a lighter one on day 16? Well, you probably missed the exact pee with the biggest surge in (I do this ALL THE TIME, amd very glad I have cheap internet OPKs by the dozen all over thebathroom), but the lines seem pretty conclusive to me. And I often get weird random cramps after ovulation. I just assume my body is shifting gears and my cervix is closing up.

I think if I had a Persona I'd give it a nervous break-down.