Monday, December 29, 2008

"En la tierra paz entre los hombres"

A bizarre, but very good, Christmas. Highlights:

gorgeous weather, just hot enough to be lovely but not so hot we were uncomfortable. The locals were of course wearing winter coats and the children wooly hats to the:

Noche Buena mass, which was a great experience - the church in the little town we were staying in was rustic and whitewashed, rather than ornate and dark as some Catholic churches are. The music was actually pleasant and well-sung, at least by the 10% of the congregation who were singing (a slightly more typical Catholic feature in my experience), apart from the Spanish version of The Little Drummer Boy, which we could have done without.

Christmas dinner on a boat after a couple of cocktails watching the sunset.

My shiny new (red) iPod nano, fully loaded by the lovely Mr Spouse.

Riding a large and friendly horse along a beach by the Pacific.

Seeing two humpback whales

Lots and lots of Mexican food, including weird goat-flavoured caramels.

Lowlights of course also intervened including:

Being tossed off a different horse (fortunately onto some very soft sand and not into a cactus).

Eating far too much Mexican food (though we reckon probably less than a normal Christmas as there were not the usual piles of leftovers at home, but we still have loads of cookies etc.).

Unsurprising negative test on the 25th which actually did not upset me and neither did

My period starting only 2 days after stopping the progesterone suppositories instead of three like last time - why do I expect consistency? - so not having enough supplies with me. Not quite sure why Mexican sanitary products are made "with camomile", but they are.

A couple of somewhat painful, er, intimate experiences while I was still using said suppositories. Now I'm hoping this is something I can get some advice on from my lovely readers. What can I do about this? I have read it is better in the evening (so 12-14 hours after putting one in rather than just 8) but both for personal timetabling reasons (I go to bed earlier) and physiological reasons (well, you can work it out) evenings are not our best time. We get a couple of days, it seems, before my period starts, but perhaps this is nature's way of making us both desperate starting from around CD5.

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