Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reader advice - Halloween

So, Halloween approaches, and my last Halloweens in the US were a) as a small child (monster head anyone?) or b) as a young single with trendy friends who threw trendy parties.

Mr Spouse is an old fart shy and retiring and doesn't want to do mega dressing up. In the UK dressing up for Halloween is rare but if you do it is usually something scary. I did suggest a pirate (he's a fan of Talk like a Pirate Day and they had some costumes in a local thrift store that was selling Target overstocks) but he vetoed that. He's a bit portly for most of the Doctors or I'd suggest one of them.

We are probably going to go on a haunted walking tour mid-evening and have had a Firm Notice round from the local residents' committee stating No Porch Lights On After 8. So we may be handing out candy early evening but are more likely to be out (the other going-out alternative is with a friend's stepkids, who are old enough to be trick-or-treading in the post-6pm slot).

I'm looking for something appropriate to a) my age (no Playboy bunnies please) b) the weather (it will be a bit chilly outside, but not freezing) c) Mr Spouse's conservatism* in these matters (so nothing completely over the top for me if he'll only wear a thrift store suit or something) d) lack of dressing up box or sewing machine e) not unlimited funds f) preference for some of the items to be recycled/semi-homemade - it is fun putting these things together, so I'd rather not just rent a costume!

*NB that's a small c and not politically. Just to clarify.


MsPrufrock said...

I think you should go as little orphan Annie. That's what I seem to have done every Halloween from the ages of 2 to 7. I guess I really liked Annie.

I have no adult suggestions I'm afraid. I think I last dressed up for Halloween when I was 16. As you say, the UK isn't exactly prone to celebrating Halloween quite like the Americans so I certainly haven't done it in the past 7 years.

I hope someone has useful advice - make sure you tell us what you and your husband decide on!

Jendeis said...

An easy one for guys is being a rebel (sorta James Dean). White t-shirt, jeans and a leather jacket.

What about a Hogwarts student or teacher?

Anonymous said...

How about a fallen angel? Wear white, make a halo from some glittery gold pipecleaners, then add a black eye and some dirt or rips to your clothes (hopefully not your good clothes).