Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On holiday

You see a lovely part of the world, and fall in love with it. You dearly, dearly wish to live there, yet circumstances prevent this. However, there is nothing to stop you from visiting as often as you can. Each time, you are charmed again, you do see there are some disadvantages but perhaps you are a little blind to them since it is, after all, a holiday. Parting is, of course, sweet sorrow. You book another trip the moment you get home, and once again you sigh and wish you could live there.

One comment recently asked me if it was hard for me to work with children, since we haven't yet managed to have any of our own. Mr Spouse was also asking me why I like volunteering with the Brownies (and why I suggested he might do some volunteer work with children, too), wondering whether I don't find it hard to have to give them back.

In other, not great, news, my work colleague who was going to go for her free IVF round on the NHS has had to cancel. I don't quite understand the protocol, but she says she went for an antral follicle scan (is that right?) at the start of her cycle (do they scan before starting? other people tell me they only scan after stimulation) and they found 3 follicles whereas they were hoping for 15? or is it 15 each side? Her FSH was also quite high - they've never found any problems before. She says she was (understandably) very sad at first but now they have resolved to go ahead with adoption from China. We are going to start a two-woman campain for equality of adoption leave with maternity leave (they recently updated the T&C at work and made maternity leave the same across job grades, but didn't update the adoption leave, which was previously inferior anyway).

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The Town Criers said...

I had the exact same questions when I taught school while doing fertility treatments. And it is hard to give them back and say good bye at the end of the day.