Thursday, August 31, 2006

I really, really should know better...

than to ever tell parents anything about child development. You see, I only do this for a living - I don't have any actual in-house children, just a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge. But of course that doesn't count for anything.

I'm also tired and sad - my very sweet but quite elderly and, latterly, fairly sick father-in-law died on Tuesday. I think Mr Spouse saw it coming more than I did, in fact - he's much more of a realist than me.

We spent the Bank Holiday weekend at a festival - we've been going, separately and together, on and off, since 1983 (when I was a little teenager, and he would have been my youth leader!). Being the kind of place where people of like mind and
marriagable years get together, there are a lot of couples and babies. I was pretty apprehensive about going - we didn't go last year, as I should have been about 38 weeks pregnant, and we would have stayed away, so didn't want to wander around going "oh, we shouldn't be here". But although there were lots of babies, children, and bumps, I remembered all those years of watching couples, and how happy I am now with Mr Spouse - and tried to trust that we'll be going with our children, one day.

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Thalia said...

Hmm just read the responses to your post there. Sorry you got dissed, I could totally see that you were trying to explain and be helpful. Thank you for providing me with backup that what I feel has some scientific rationale!