Monday, August 14, 2006

A few links...

This is the Royal College of Obsetricians and Gynaecologists review of care for recurrent miscarriage.

This is very depressing for those of us with older husbands. I sent the link to Mr Spouse but he hasn't commented yet.

This is the four-drug combo study. I think I'd be more impressed if I knew what kind of clinical care the untreated women got - as frequent ultrasound and attendance at an early pregnancy clinic also seem to reduce the recurrence of miscarriage.

and finally this (absolutely, positively not work-friendly) has to be my best search term ever (and a mad search engine, too). No idea what page I'm on as I didn't dare go that far.


Pamplemousse said...

I found an online pharmacy for prednisone and Cyclogest if you want to self-medicate??? The folic acid and the aspirin are easy to do. I reckon that anything is worth a try, eh? At least you will be well-moisturised with the NPC haha! Have you tried asking your GP to prescribe Cyclogest pessaries?

DrSpouse said...

I'm not taking steroids without medical advice (I'm reluctant to take them with the advice, and my progesterone seems OK most of the time so I think I'm going to carry on boosting it with the cream, I don't want TOO much or my boobs will explode.

I may (see more recent post) also see if the GP will give me the higher dose of folate permanently.