Thursday, May 04, 2006

When a friend has a miscarriage

I just found this and thought it was quite good - I've seen other similar things in the past, although they are good to find, I'm not sure how one would give these to ones friends and family. Hello, people, you know I've had a miscarriage but really, you aren't being that sensitive, here's something to teach you how.


DD said...

What stinks is that one has to go through the loss and all the crappy remarks before you find something so perfect to give to the next person who tells you, "it's God's will."

perceval said...

I had a friend staying with me when we went for our nine week scan who quoted Julian of Norwich's "all shall be well" at me. I could have killed her,

Dream Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing that information.

It seems like you get the same crappy comments after losing a pregnancy as when you cannot get pg. There is really nothing anyone can say except I'm sorry and be a shoulder to cry on.