Saturday, May 27, 2006


For once I'm not entirely sure I would be happy if I was pregnant this month. It is possible, and my good friend A got pregnant with her daughter without skipping a cycle after a much later miscarriage; and another friend in pre-pregnancy-test-in-everyone's-drawer days "thinks" she had a miscarriage at 5 weeks the month before her daughter was born. But I am wondering if I need a rest. This did not stop us from trying, however.

And of course I'm not sure I'll be happy if I'm not, because I will worry I'm broken again, that was a fluke, we are not going to get pregnant. But I imagine I'll know by tomorrow, or Monday at the latest. An ovulation stick (actually my cheat's version, the sticks from the mega expensive Clearblue monitor, which are themselves cheaper than normal ovulation thingys) suggested my period will be due tomorrow; and a (proper, pricey, non-cheapo internet job) test was negative yesterday (I couldn't resist, OK? I'm addicted to peeing on sticks. If I had waited perhaps I would have been too late to do it...). I have no real clue symptoms-wise as, unlike DoctorMama even my 10-week pregnancy seems to have made my uterus cramp before every period.

Next steps are the gynae appointment in 2 weeks' time at which I think we will ask for referral to the nearer, less snazzy clinic, and I think they will see us in about a month, before which time we may well have some of the tests either repeated or done for the first time through the local hospital. I think there will be more clotting tests than have been done, and I'm going to ask that the ones that were done before could be repeated (apart from the genetic ones, which aren't going to vary). There will also be chromosomal tests for both of us, and I imagine a proper ultrasound of my uterus. If we find there is anything they can't or won't do, but that is done at the further, more snazzy clinic, we'll get it done privately.

Incidentally, does anyone have a recommendation for a free invisible counter? was doing me very well but seems to have been broken for the last week or more.


perceval said...

It's a good idea to have some tests done privately. If they make you wait for months between tests, you should transfer to El Snazzy straight away though. Maybe you rgynae can tell you about waiting times?

DD said...

We didn't skip a cycle after we lost Vivienne and I got a positive pregnancy test. Unfortunately, that ended up as an unconfirmed miscarriage.

I've always thought that whatever tests that can be done, should be, especially if it can ease some concerns.

Statcounter can be set up as invisible, but has some limitations.

Thalia said...

Sorry can't help with the counter. Despite being a techie I'm a bit of a technophobe with all the conter thingies. I just use whatever that standard one is that everyone seems to have - statcounter?

I hope the appointments are helpful.

Penny Farthing said... are very good, thats what I use on my blog. Hope this helps :D