Thursday, December 29, 2005

Worry wart

Write down your worries, we are told... this will stop the 3am worrying. So in the last couple of days I've been worrying about:

  • work, irritatingly, since I have a week off - how far behind various people's expectations I am, how much I have to do when I go back, and how I am not doing any over Christmas, unlike, I suspect, many of my colleagues.
For some of them (D, who has a six-year-old with autistic spectrum disorder) this is because they really don't have time to get the basics done during term time, for others (perhaps S, whose main relationships before becoming a permanent member of staff were short-term ones with students, and who was warned off making this a habit so who has taken to teaching summer schools in order to meet new students...) because they don't have much of a life away from work, but for others (probably C, my mentor) because that's the way he meets his million obligatory obligations and million-and-one self-chosen obligations. Which is why he's a professor, and I'm not.
  • my current round of symptom spotting, of course - CD27 and I still have sore boobs [usually they start around CD21 and stop about 4 or 5 days later, but once they continued into about the next CD3], but nothing else to speak of [no cramps, thankfully, as I'm a bit fed up of sharp, miscarriage-style cramps before my period].
  • not sleeping well in my worry about whether or not my period will start - a common one, this.
  • driving to the snowy NE of England tomorrow, taking ages and/or getting stuck, or alternatively, staying an extra night at my mother's, having told our friends we'll be there tomorrow. And all the food we need to buy for the stay in the cottage as three of the other guests are coming on the train and the fourth is my empty-larder single-bloke cousin.
  • poor Mr Spouse having to spend an extra night at my mother's.
  • poor Mr Spouse having to drive in the snow.
  • poor Dr Spouse trying to persuade Mr Spouse that she also doesn't want to hang around her mother's house longer than necessary, and that we really won't get stuck in the snow.
  • that all the snow will have gone by the time we get to the NE.

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Pamplemousse said...

I hope you make it through the snow. It looks pretty bad!