Tuesday, December 27, 2005


People always talk of "losing" a baby - often they use the phrase even for babies lost very early in pregnancy - in fact later on, babies are allowed to "die" rather than be "lost". Very careless of mothers...

Well, last night I dreamt that we had been looking after someone else's 18-month-old girl, Grace (this is a ficticious child but I do remember the name) and we had our own baby boy (I don't know what he was called!). But we lost them both.

As in, mislaid them. Misplaced them. Didn't know where they were. Grace, I think, was left unattended for a moment and we thought she'd wandered off, but then in our panic we left the baby boy in the hospital nursery and then he vanished. We were it seems in the middle of trying to adopt but they wouldn't let us have any children because we had lost those we were responsible for.

At this point I woke up - noisily, I suspect, because I woke Mr Spouse up too. I went back to sleep fairly rapidly and oddly resumed the dream. It got more dramatic, but had a partly happy ending - it turns out Grace was snatched by her father, who was wanted for something else by the police - a trap was set involving £65,000 in cash (never say my dreams do not have realistic details), he turned up and Grace was found. Of the baby boy, I do not know.

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