Monday, December 05, 2005

Just what I didn't need...

We had one weekend to ourselves before Christmas, which would have been a good time to either a) get excited about being pregnant (ha!) b) have a bit of bonding before another month of trying again or c) do some productive things in the house/related to Christmas.

So, instead, I choose to have an insecurity fit. This is where I decide I am being ignored and throw a wobbly, and Mr Spouse feels very guilty and hides in a corner.

And he's not sleeping (at weekends) and I'm not sleeping (during the week). Joy.

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thalia said...

Ugh. Sorry for the crap weekend. It seems reasonable for you to have been in a bad place given two bad pieces of news this week. But it always sucks to not enjoy time together. Hoping you get some more sleep from somewhere.