Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A mild irritation

As of yesterday, whichever due date you pick, the new baby is at term (37 weeks).

This means that given any slight developmental delay, if the baby is placed with us we do not have a good, publicly sharable reason for it.

Other than that, I'm alternately twiddling my thumbs and manically running around trying to get work done. Today's jobs are to re-read a long and annoying document that's been hanging around for a while, and to put away in some drawers some files that should not be hanging around in my office (but that have been for months). I'm getting nearer.

We've been calling Nella and she's been positive and responding.  She tells me "oh you listen to me so much better than my mom/my older son's mom". Well, I don't berate her for her lifestyle choices because (although they may still turn out to have affected Baby Spouse) I can't do anything about them, and also because we have been much luckier than her older son's mother, or to be more strictly accurate Baby Spouse has been luckier than his older brother, who seems to have some significant developmental delay.

We accidentally found out a way to text each other (Google Voice) and she sent both a picture of her "friend" who was partly responsible for her quick trip to jail and also (she says) responsible for her being pregnant.  All I can say is none of the tattoos I can see would lead me to believe he will become too angry if he's obviously not the dad.

And that is it really. I am just wishing that the baby would arrive early (so we have no more limbo, and so I can meet the baby) and wishing that it wouldn't (because our paperwork is nowhere NEAR crossing the pond, and if our paperwork isn't there, we can't have custody).  Current plan is that I fly in about two weeks with Baby Spouse unless the baby gets here sooner, and if I do that, we'll spend some time with Nella (if she is around) and her parents, before the baby is born.  Baby Spouse is due an annual visit with her/them, even if we are still annoyed with her.


Anonymous said...

I am still boggling at the immense pressure of this situation for you all. I am ... still fairly near the edge of my chair! Thinking of you.

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

37 weeks (and a half now)! Any day now, surely?

Also thinking of you, keeping fingers crossed.