Sunday, February 09, 2014

That sinking feeling

We have had some medical reports on the new pregnancy - we are missing some crucial information, and New Agency seems to be saying "what? What do you mean?" or ignoring my emails, and it just is getting a little frustrating.

But one thing we did notice from the reports, and a medical friend has confirmed, is that Nella is taking exactly as little care of herself as she was in her previous pregnancy. And we are pretty sure that this lack of care has led to some problems we have with Baby Spouse, that we know don't make him very happy either.
It's basically like watching his early life in real time, and not being able to do anything about it.

This is a post linked to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out, where theme this week is "One Year On". But I'm actually thinking of two years ago - when we were starting to learn more about Baby Spouse's prenatal history.


rh said...

Not fun at all.... I know from talking to other adopters how much prenatal care can impact on a child. Glad your medicals etc are dealt with and hoping you get some answers soon from your agency.

missohkay said...

That's tough. I hope you can at least get the information you're lacking.

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

That must be frustrating. Oh dear. Very hard to keep calm, though hopefully you are better at that than I am. Also hoping the agency follow up sooooon.