Friday, January 03, 2014


We've been a bit busy - annoying work issues are mainly resolved, though it's not a long term solution; I finally found some Christmas presents for Baby (now, really, Toddler) Spouse, and for Mr Spouse; my seemingly vast family have come and gone and we've celebrated Baby Spouse's 2nd birthday, which really seems impossible.

I started getting very panicky a couple of days ago and, of course, not sleeping, about our UK approval process for the new baby.  We were told in early December by our nice social worker that an April approval panel was possible - but I was starting to see that recede into the distance.  Part of the issue was that the agency didn't want us to have to start the process (and pay the overseas fees) if we were definitely going to be rejected due to Mr Spouse's medical issues.  But if our approval is delayed by a month, that means a month of cradle (foster) care fees. And a May panel could easily clash with, well, a birth.

So she's understood that now and is suggesting a timetable that does mean approval in April (or, but fingers crossed not, rejection before then). If Mr Spouse's medical issues do turn out to be at the severe end (which doesn't seem likely) then we think the hospital will want to rush further tests before then anyway, so we'll not be left in limbo about that either.

So all in all. Phew. Now all I have to do is persuade my boss to give me some annual leave in term time which he unfortunately considers evil and wrong. Oh, and to tell him what it's for.  He'll be SO pleased. Not. You remember S and M, overseas adoption couple (she's my colleague)? They've been approved and matched for a second adoption. I'm very pleased for them. It is strangely easier to be pleased for friends adopting again than even those who "lap" us by having a second after many fertility struggles. I know that makes me a nasty person, but there it is.

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