Sunday, November 25, 2012

Not helping

I've been doing quite well at not being over-anxious when Baby Spouse gets ill - and I've been reassured by friends that checking he's still breathing is perfectly normal. I know there are layers on top of this (both our miscarriages, and the death earlier this year of a friend's baby, the same age). I just got a book of poetry out of the library, thinking it would be a nice change, perhaps some lovely imagery, perhaps some twee 19th century poems.  All the 16th and 17th century poems are about children who have died. Two of Ben Johnson's children who died. Etc. etc. Consider yourselves warned.

Anyway, onwards and upwards.

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Azara said...

Oh dear. Not the kind of poetry you need to be reading right now! My little man is 14 weeks and I just try really hard not to think about it and look forward to when he's out of the high risk period.

Visiting from ICLW.

Bear said...

Hello from ICLW. I'm sure it is perfectly normal to check and make sure your baby is still breathing. Shoot, I do that with my dogs if they've been laying still too long.

Amber said...

When my niece was born (7 years ago) I used to watch her all the time to make sure she was still breathing. When she was sick, it was terrible.

It is totally normal to want to check their breathing. You are a concerned Momma! Hope he gets better soon.