Thursday, November 22, 2012

I am thankful...

... for a gorgeous, healthy baby.
... for a husband who has a job offer (but we need to work out how much travelling it would involve)
... that I'm surviving my first week back at work, well, OK, my first two days back at work (I'm easing myself in).
... that I don't have to work tomorrow!

Met boss today (I've managed to mess up my timetable about 65 times so far, but most of the mess ups were at least partly not my problem, he thought it was next week, I thought it was Monday this week). Anyway he was very slightly helpful on a larger issue, but asked me how I was enjoying being a parent, and said he found it fun but tiring.  I hated to say "that's because you were only ever home when your kids were supposed to be asleep and so were you". 

But I felt like saying "it's not THAT tiring" (Baby Spouse is still a good sleeper, and I'm gradually learning to go to bed on time) "but there's a lot of hard work involved". Because I know he would have been a very good baby-on-knee-bouncing kind of dad, for about 5 minutes, but useless at making baby food, hour long cuddles, or washing nappies. All of which Mr Spouse is pretty good at.

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Lollipop Goldstein said...

Congratulations on the husband's job offer and easing into the return to work.

Liz said...

Visiting from ICLW. Glad that you can ease back into work because goi g back full time would definitely be difficult.