Saturday, July 07, 2012

So, when you forget to blog...

Too much happens, and you can't blog, or you forget it all.

The News in Brief (not all good):

Baby Spouse is now six months and some transitions are happening (in his own room, holding and mouthing objects, banging), some kind of (rolling, which he did when tiny, but he got heavy, has partly come back, he is rocking on his tummy and arms), and some NOT - Mummy what is this horrible stuff you've put in my mouth Eewwww give me some MILK!

We had a monthly phone call with Nella and she did not sound as keen to talk as previously. We were due to cut down the frequency and I don't feel that she will object. This is a bit of a relief. Actually, it sounded like she was talking about someone else's child, which it hasn't before.

My mother has been in a major strop. She often sees things very negatively, but now is dragging up perceived slights from years ago. I think she has calmed down a bit, but both I and Mr Spouse are a bit bemused.

I still have bits and pieces of work to do, but unfortunately this is interpreted by some colleagues as meaning I can do anything they want as well. This is annoying me. I will book a babysitter (not always the free paternal one) for an important meeting, but not for an hour to create someone a reading list.

A former colleague - one of those people you click with after a short while, and keep up with on the Book of Face, had a baby boy about 2 weeks before Baby Spouse was born. On Wednesday he died, probably a cot death (SIDS). I am not sure I should even email her to offer support - I have a baby the same age as hers.

Sorry, I did say it wasn't all good.


Thalia said...

Yes you should write to your colleague, at a minimum to say how sorry you are. Support I dunno. When i read blogs from bereaved ppl they say dont' offer support, just do something. You could if you know her well enough bring round some food (does she have other children?) or make a donation to a cot death charity and tell her you've done it?

Glad to hear baby spouse is developing well.

Bernardeena said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, what sad news.

How did baby Spouse get to 6 months already, that has flown!

Yo-yo Mama said...

Getting caught up since our return home...

Instead of an email, I would send a card. An email is something that many people like me would feel obligated to reply to, while a card needs to reply; no confirmation of its receipt.

DrSpouse said...

Thanks all - I ended up sending a card (she lives at the other end of the country) but I think I may also ask about donations to FSID or similar.