Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kids say the darndest things...

I was at Brownies today and Mr Spouse brought Baby Spouse by to pick us up (as I have hurt my back and can't really walk or lift stuff).  One of the girls said "ooh yes, that's the baby you've adopted, isn't it". That's right. "Where did you find him" (very tempted to say - under the gooseberry bush). "Well, sweetie, sometimes babies' first mummies and daddies can't look after them, so then they have to find a new mummy and daddy". My other (very down to earth) Brownie asked "so, why do people have babies in the first place if they can't look after them?"
Why indeed.
Anyway I told her "sometimes people don't plan to have babies, and that is something you should perhaps ask your mummy and daddy".
I bet I'm going to be so popular.

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missohkay said...

Ha, I like that response. Who knew you'd be responsible for teaching everyone else's kids the birds and the bees just because you adopted? ;)