Monday, February 06, 2012

One thing that pleases me

is when people can't work out if Baby Spouse is a boy or a girl, so use no pronoun when asking about him.  I did dress him in blue today and three people asked me about  him, one of whom said "he". I've bought yarn for three wool sweaters (it's now chillier here, after a few days of 70+F weather, and although our particular rainy part of England hasn't seen snow, it will definitely be chilly there)... in red, a lilac mix, and green.

In other news, I am ready to throttle anyone associated with the UK Border Agency.  Mr Spouse has our MP on speed dial. I could go into great detail but I'm saving my between-feed-change-and-knitting typing time for emailing persons associated with the UKBA, in a tone of politely clenched teeth.

1 comment:

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

Hah, love the colour rebellion. Hey, if you can knit you can make everyone completely demented with pink and blue stripes. Ah go on!