Tuesday, February 07, 2012

And I forgot...

to mention the doctor's appointment last week. Health and growth wise, Baby Spouse is getting chubby in exactly the way he should be - he has almost added 50% to his birth weight in a month.  He didn't even scream much when he had his jab. We got the medical information we were waiting for from the hospital he was born in, which was more what we feared than what we hoped. We were told at the time of his birth that if this was the case, it would probably already have had an effect, and there was no evidence it had. So we think that it's probably something eventually we'll need to tell Baby Spouse, but that won't affect him long term. But it was a piece of information that showed that Nella had not been anywhere near as open as we had hoped; but it ties in with something that her parents had sent us in a rather nice email after we met last week.

This did not place me in a particularly good mood for our monthly phone call with Nella which was due the same day. However, I was polite, she called on time, on the right day, and it's all been quiet since then.  Let's hope it continues like this.  We have one final legal i to dot on the birth father side and I'm hoping after that to ask Nella if she might have a picture of him (he's not her favourite person, with some justification, so I've been waiting till all the loose ends are tied in case asking her this led to her being mad at him and him then being mad at her and therefore being mad at us/the social worker/the agency).  

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nh said...

Finally catching up... sounds like you have had an amazing few weeks. I hope that things continue to go well with baby spouse, but that the border agency gets it's act in gear.