Friday, November 04, 2011


I have discovered that this is the name for what Irritating Facebook Friend does. Vague status posts that lead everyone to say "awww there there dear". Recent samples include:

"How do some people manage it?" (truly vague, but not a reference to being superwoman/juggling career and babies, I feel)
"would like it to be her turn now please"
"is still hoping"
"Disappointed. Again"

These have all been since the 29th October...


a. said...

vaguebooking may be my new favorite term since humblebrag! love it :)

Claudia said...

lurked for ages, but I relate so much to this that I have to comment! AGGHHHH! Vaguebooking is the most frustrating thing EVER.

Ummmm.... any chance your friend is trying to get pregnant? The first, third and fourth sound like it!

DrSpouse said...

I know she is - she has said so since about two minutes after she and her husband started living together. Which is why it's doubly irritating.