Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I lead such an exciting life

What do you want to hear about, paperwork or painting? And if paperwork, paperwork for adoption or paperwork for promotion? (I've run out of "p"s now.)

Painting - we are having a loo put in under the stairs, which includes moving a door, a job which requires the coordination of at least four teams of workmen. It's not quite finished, but all the tiddly little bits need painting, and a huge variety of types of paint - plaster sealer for the new walls, primer for the new woodwork, lining paper of course to patch up the old wallpaper,  varnish for the bits of wood that will remain bare, MDF primer for the MDF, and that's before we argue about whether we should have gloss or satin for the woodwork and whether it's appropriate to have white woodwork with ivory paintwork (your correct answer: it's not, you should have ivory woodwork) AND of course if we have remembered correctly and the rest of the room is actually ivory.

Paperwork - don't get me started on promotion - I have to provide a summary of everything I've ever done in my career in 2 pages, while "referring to the criteria for promotion", which take up about 5 pages.

I started panicking about the idea of having to spend weeks and weeks and weeks on my own in state without Mr Spouse but with a small object screaming at me. So we decided to ask the question we've been putting off which is, exactly how long before we can get a passport for the baby? 
The answer turns out to be only about three weeks which is reassuring - the slightly more complex question is what do we need to do to get the baby back here - which I had blithely assumed would be fine because US citizens don't need a visa to enter the UK. Apparently not.

Anyway I will stop boring you now and leave you with two pieces of news from the weekend: N wants to send us an ultrasound picture (which is way too scary for me*) and I have set up a baby registry on Amazon.com, with the idea that we can then send things to the agency address at least, even if no-one buys things for us. This is also a scary idea.

*I did think some time ago, that I would use an ultrasound as a way to announce the adoption more widely. But a) I'm so fed up of them on FB and b) it's still too scary and c) there are some people that would be a tad confused...

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Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

That IS exciting, by any standards! Blimey.

The uncertainties are the worst. And u/s images..? Give me a visceral reaction. Even on television, I have to remotely gun them down.