Thursday, January 17, 2008

Plus ca change...

New fretting this week - my period arrived two days early, despite knowing when I ovulated (at least, I know the earliest possible). I've never had a variable luteal phase, nor much in the way of spotting, so I'm panicking my reproductive system is packing up. Of course I know it hasn't and this can happen, but you know how it is. The dreadful cold that is only just going away meant precious little chance of anything other than a period, though, so I wasn't too surprised.

We are seeing a different social worker for the fostering tomorrow (the one we saw previously seemed really relaxed, probably because she was just about to retire. She didn't tell us that bit). I'm working from home so I guess it will be my lunch hour. Mr Spouse is still job-hunting so it's a good time to start the process - though I'm not actually clear if she is wanting another introductory chat, or this is the start of the home study proper. It's not normally done till after the preparation course in adoption, but perhaps they just want to get on with it for foster carers.

Almost everyone on my bloglines seems to be pregnant, even the ones in my "infertility/miscarriage/adoption" category, apart of course from the ones that have been matched with children. I only have one "parents" category (no "parenting after..." versus "never had any trouble...") but all the ones who are pregnant there, too, seem to be ones who graduated from the other category. Perhaps I want the bloggers I read to have a big struggle rather than just an average one as I'm thinking of crossing a few people off. Although some of them are people who have had a big struggle but I don't seem to be able to keep up with their prolific posting - I don't seem to read blogs as much these days.

Strangely, though, one of the most prolific blogs (Daddy Types) is so not about infertiles, and I would never delete that one. They have such fun toys!

On another note, why oh why oh why does Blogger tell me at least three times every time I bring it up that I don't have cookies enabled? On about the third or fourth attempt it will then show me the dashboard as if it had never refused me anything.

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