Friday, August 17, 2007

I am boring

No-one ever lands here having googled anything exciting. Not since the "I am a media tart" post, over a year ago.



DD said...

Trust me, the lack of exciting google hits is a blessing. Mine are painful reminders: "beta not doubling", "low first beta", "enlarged gestational sac".

I feel bad that what they find is never reassuring.

missedconceptions said...

I second DD. I only post the ones that are funny, but most of them just make me very, very sad.

Geohde said...

Like DD, I get rather sad hits, but also some wierd ones. I think that it's all the rampant genital references or something. :)

niobe said...

I don't think this counts as exciting, but I get lots of hits asking questions about raccoons (and racoons and raccons).

Hey, now that I've included the terms in your comments, maybe you'll pick up some of the raccoon-related traffic too.