Saturday, November 04, 2006

Of course when I want cycles like clockwork...

I'm going to go to the big hospital again next week to have the uterine biopsy (just thinking about it makes me wince) for the clinical trial - I was supposed to ring up on getting a positive OPK. This should have been on Wednesday (CD15 - and I had started my period very early in the morning this month so I was pretty confident). I bought (from Ebay) some very fancy OPKs just to be sure (usually I use hijacked fertility meter sticks). No little smiley face. Nothing on Thursday either. Am I using them wrong? I thought. Maybe they are too clever for me. But finally on Friday they did their stuff. Which (annoyingly, and I am telling you lot because you will appreciate - Mr. Spouse attempted to nod off when I told him) means that I will be going to Exotic Climes on next months' CD 12, which doesn't really give us much of a chance - and we've had to use condoms* this month.

I have two other blogs; one of them is my diary from when I was 11, and is at - I have been finding out where all the people I was at primary school with have got to, and it is very good for me - so many of them are not in a relationship, don't have kids, have been divorced... with one happy marriage, I actually feel pretty lucky.

*that little noise you hear is us collectively whimpering.


DD said...

Ack. Who had to be the one to go buy the condoms? At any stage of one's life does that get easier?

I LOVE that you are posting your diary on a blog. If I ever find mine again from that time, I'll have to steal your idea.

Oh, and those damn smiley-faced OPKs? I'd actually would love to pick out what face I'd want to show up.

DrSpouse said...

They were still the drawer, with an expiry date of 2009 - left over from 2004, when we started TTC!

Josie said...

Condoms? What are those?

Oh, I remember those nasty things that I wasted my money on when I thought I acually could get knocked up and didn't want to. I am trying to supress that memory.

Best of luck with the biopsy.