Monday, November 21, 2005


Last time I got pregnant the second month on the fertility meter, we'll get pregnant again then.

Last time I got pregnant the fourth month of trying, we'll get pregnant the same month this time.

Last time I had an awful cold and flu after ovulation, I ended up pregnant. That's bound to happen again this time.

I'm definitely going to get pregnant before my first due date, it makes sense for the "pregnancy" to continue.

I'll find out I'm pregnant just after my due date, it would make sense for that to happen.

I need to "complete" the first pregnancy, I'll get pregnant after my due date.

If we go to another wedding, I'll find out I'm pregnant after that. That's what happened last year.

My period is due on the same date as this time last year, so that would make my due date the same - this is bound to be the month I get pregnant.

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Anonymous said...

And the worst thing is that many people would love to sell these superstitions to you as fact.