Friday, October 19, 2012


We are currently on our Forrin Holiday, lots of nice croissants and ice cream, sunshine, beautiful small towns, and random mad parks with Wild West guinea pig pens:

We've booked our flights, a couple of nights in a hotel, and car for trip back to Birth State.  We emailed Nella's parents who didn't say "but we're on the other side of the country then!" so we will I think at least see them (they are not the kind of people who are the other side of the country, ever, but they are also the kind of people, I think, who don't have random last minute personal emergencies, unlike Nella, so it sounds like we are going to see them at least). It is a bit of a leap of faith - it feels like an odd thing to do - it is not really somewhere we'd choose as our first option for a family holiday, and frankly though it's something to build Baby Spouse's life story, he won't care where we are or remember it. Neither would we choose the dates we booked, but it is a lot easier to renew Baby Spouse's US passport in the US, before it is a year old, so it's more of a case of several factors combining to make it convenient.

We've also primed our good friends in Agency Town and in addition (I'm not sure I ever mentioned this) my cousin who lives in Far Distant Cold State which is far from both Birth State and SoCal (where we lived and where her parents live).  Cousin's baby girl was born 3 days before Baby Spouse, but indecently late and huge (almost twice his birth weight). She's the cousin in my US family that's closest to me in age, and closest in personal terms as well, but a bit flaky about communication, though her husband is better, and he arranged Mr Spouse's volunteering gig during the 2008 Obama campaign. 

They have no vacation time to join our visit to Nice Warm Birth State this year (and we are reluctant to visit Far Distant Cold State in January, call us wimps, but there it is!) but we have opened the door for a family visit in future years.  This cousin is significantly younger than me, but we have now closed the gap with Baby Cousin and Baby Spouse, and I would love it if they could get to know each other growing up. So we're hoping for 2014. 

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