Monday, August 06, 2012


We just (this minute) got an email from big brother's (and I may as well call him that for the minute as Baby Spouse is never going to have another big brother) adoptive mother (she calls herself that, though the social worker, Nella and birth grandparents have variously called her foster or adoptive mother). She sent two photos and says (and I agree) that they look very alike!

Now we have to chat about how much to tell her, what contact details to give her etc. We already told Nella and birth grandparents that we are fine with them showing her photos (most of our photos are prints, not emailed).

I nearly deleted the email actually as the subject was his first name, which is one of "those" names that are sometimes the subject of spam messages! 


motherissues said...

I think some of Mara's relatives still talk about us as foster parents because that's what we were before the adoption and maybe it's easier than having people assume she'd been adopted by someone else if they said "adoptive parents." Not sure if that's what's going on in this case, of course. What a gift to have pictures of the baby's big brother! We have no photos of Mara as a baby but do have a few of her older siblings and she treasures those chances to compare herself to them.

DrSpouse said...

It's lovely, isn't it!

Of course she (adoptive mother) has seen her son at the age Baby Spouse is - so she will see the resemblance even more.