Monday, March 26, 2012

12 weeks

Baby Spouse is 12 weeks old today - just under 9 weeks corrected.  This feels like a milestone, I think partly because of the whole 12 weeks of pregnancy before exhaling a little that I never got to, and partly because he has more jabs tomorrow (we have Calpol, we have also got a new medication pacifier as even administering Calpol in the middle of a feed didn't work too well last time).

Things I have done more of than I thought I would in the last 12 weeks:
Walking (not just because we don't drive much here, but because it's a good way to get out of the house without going mad - I'm a keen hiker and am looking out for buggy- and sling-friendly walks to do).
Drinking diet Coke and Pepsi Max - I think I must drink these a lot at work, or coffee from the convenient coffee bar 2 floors down from my office, and I only notice this now I'm at home a lot.
Reading work emails. 
Making stuff.
Cooking (partly because of Mr Spouse's complete lack of availability to pull his weight in all departments, which means we've prioritised him playing with and caring for Baby Spouse, and partly because there is very little in the way of takeaway available here, and we don't like ready meals).   

Things I have done less of than I thought:
Drinking coffee - I have managed to avoid making and drinking a second pot of coffee every day like I thought I would. Partly because of the soft drink habit, but also because I'm not completely shattered every single day.
Watching TV (I have done a lot, it has to be said, but most of that was done while I was still away).
Putting Baby Spouse in and out of the car seat (see above, but it's also been partly because I haven't run out of places to go that I don't need to drive to. I suspect I'm going to need to adjust the straps when I put him in next).

Things that have been about what I thought:
Running (except for the part where I had the worst sore throat in the history of throats, I have been out about once a week).
Going to the supermarket (I've managed to go either quickly in and out, or without Baby Spouse, or Mr Spouse has gone, or I've ordered on line. Hooray!)

I also seem to have developed some OCD habits which is very very unlike me.  Making up formula is something that's bound to involve little rituals, and there are some routines that, done wrong, mean you have to start again, but I seem to have extended this to things like making coffee, washing my hands, my morning bathroom routine, putting things away the minute I get in the house. It is a bit tidier than it normally is in our house. I'm not sure anyone else would really notice, though, or that it will remain that way.

You're probably much more interested in what Baby Spouse has done a lot of, or not much of. He is still a fairly good sleeper but we're hoping now might be the time to persuade him that his longest spell between night feeds could be longer than 4 hours.  He has had a couple of days when he's decided naps are for wimps, but he generally sleeps for at least half an hour between each of his daytime feeds.  His latest trick is waving his arms around randomly and then looking very excited when he sees his toys move. I am not completely convinced this is deliberate but I think deliberate batting is close and grasping can't be far away.  He's a good feeder but I think he's going down to around the 50th-60th centile for his corrected age. People still say "oh he's big for X weeks" meaning his chronological age, when he's actually around the 20th centile for that. He's generally a very polite baby and smacks his lips when he feels it is time for us to pay attention and provide food - including at night - but screaming is also in evidence, more than it used to be as well.

I had to ring the nursery where Baby Spouse will likely go in the autumn, to ask about registration, and I was a little sad. Almost as sad as when they said "he has to go to the NICU and if his breathing doesn't improve he'll have to stay a week". They asked if we'd been to look round and I had to confess I hadn't. I didn't say "because I'm in denial that he'll be ever going there". 

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