Monday, August 22, 2011

Coming out

Although there are a lot of people who know we are prospective adoptive parents, I'm not really ready to tell a whole bunch of other people, and even the ones that know, I'd rather not remind them as I'm not up for boring questions about when it will happen.

So whenever something comes up for which the true explanation is "we want it/want to know it for when we have a baby" I tend to fudge the issue. Excuses range from "it will be handy to have another loo when we have visitors" to "ooh, my nieces will like that doll".

I'm just going to leave it all as a big surprise.


Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

Hmm, I came across a version of this last week. You know, when people you haven't seen for a while ask you what's going on with you? I kept schtum. But now a whole load of them are coming over for a dinner, and I'm thinking it might have been better to just tell the two of them, and let the news filter out, than doing some sort of announcement ..? Cringe? And, we haven't got our declaration yet.

(Sorry, was that long and self-involved?)
I like your way of doing it. On a need to know sort of basis.

DrSpouse said...

I did send round an announcement when we were approved, but not to everyone, and even some of the ones who got it (or who knew about the process) have kind of forgotten I think.