Friday, November 26, 2010

Too much information?

I have a friend who got married in the summer, after several years of public "I would so like to be married" followed by public "I'm so in love with him". There has also been a lot of "oh everyone's babies are so gorgeous, I can't wait to have one".

While it's possible of course that she has a medical condition she is keeping quiet about, I wasn't quite sure how to respond when she had a F*ceB**k update today of "AB thinks it is a very disappointing time of the month." Even if she and The Husband started trying the minute they got together, that is only just over a year. And knowing her, that is quite unlikely, and they were not living in the same city for most of that time.

So, in lieu of a comment along the lines of "pull yourself together, you can complain when it's been 7 years, but until then, we don't want to know the contents of your underpants", I posted a link to Julie's hilarious post.

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Anonymous said...

Oh blimey. *Chortle*

I do so, so get aggravated by people complaining about the difficulties in conceiving after only a few goes. 'My shoes, mile in, WALK!' I mutter, while trying to smile and nod and not make an Awkward Moment. I love your response. Could be taken as supportive and on her side, could be taken as a 'you have no idea' teaching moment. Very satisfying.